Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dollars and Sense

I like Birthdays; loud, food, singing, excitement, friends, family, fun, oh and gifts! I like to do them up BIG!, not just mine but others too. I know some of you know this about me already but hey, some might not. The one area I am bad at when it comes to Birthdays is if you don't live close to me then I tend to forget about your birthday, sorry. Anyway, I had a friend who had a B-day last Thursday and I wanted to take her out cause she totally deserved it!

Disclaimer: I am sharing this because it was fun and different not because I think it is the best idea ever.

Okay, so we decided that Friday night would be her night! I picked her up at her house and I took the nice unexpected photo shot as she was opening the door.Then once in the car I handed her an envelope with a b-day card inside along with a little piece of paper that said "TASTE" on it. I proceed to tell her that today is "JAINA'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION OF DOLLARS AND SENSE" and tonight will be a night of awakening Jaina's senses. So we make a quick stop at the car wash because my car was horribly dirty but that was not part of her celebration it was just an extra bonus for her because I asked the guy for lollipops and he gave them to me and I gave them to her, score! Did you like that super long sentence? Okay so for "TASTE" I took her to Texas Land & Cattle Steak House, I hadn't been there but she said she liked meat and I wanted to be near the promenade, so that is where we went. We had great steak dinners along with a b-day song and a free yummy dessert! Then it was time for her next envelope that had the word "SMELL" in it along with $5.oo. I told her that she had to find something she liked that smelled good for 5 bucks and that is how it was going to be for the rest of the night. She had $5 for each of the senses that were left. Well the first shop we went into was Sephora and we smelled perfume for a long time that was a lot more than $5 but it was still fun. So then all of a sudden we noticed that the store was closing, so I thought okay we will just go on to the next shop in the promenade and then I noticed all the shops were closing. I couldn't believe it it was already closing time and I didn't have a back up plan. Well we sat in my car and I tried to think what we could do and all I could come up with was Wal-mart and that didn't sound like very much fun. I decided to try T.J.Max and thankfully it was still open but for just a few more minutes. We struck gold, she found the rest of her senses in that store and got some really cute items; tea cup and saucer, platter, panties, and salt grinder. Don't ask me which one item went to which sense cause it was a bit of a stretch but it was fun. I think Jaina had a fun night and I know I did too. Now it is time to plan my birthday, only 49 days to go!!!


cookie said...

well, other than the unflattering pic and the fact that everyone knows i bought panties, you did a great job of capturing the evening! heeheehee

i told some friends about your creativity today and they totally want to steal your idea. you should start some kind of party-planning service!! you could make money at this, my friend! :)

thanks again for going to all that trouble. i will never forget how much fun we had! you are the greatest. :)

Shan said...

You ARE the greatest birthday planner/friend Jenna, it's true. I totally agree with cookie the b-day girl that you should do that as a business. YOU ARE THE FUN MAKER!! :D

Now, what are we going to do for yours? Do you want your friends to plan it? It may not be as clever but it will be for YOU! xoxox

QUEEN TEAM D said...

What a cute birthday idea!!! I too am stealing your idea!!!