Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicken Daze

Well, a lot has happen in my crazy chick world in the last month and a half. My 4 Barred Rock Roosters that I loved found a good home with my neighbor's mom. It was a sad day but I knew it was best. That left me with 10 chickens. By the end of May beginning of June all my chicks moved outside into their new coop. It seemed like they started to grow so fast after that because of all the yummy bugs and plants they were able to eat. It amazed me and still does how they can free range all day and then by 8:30 p.m. they all go back into the coop.

About two weeks ago Jay was sitting outside in the morning before work. He heard from inside the coop a cock a doodle do. I was so sad b/c I thought I had gotten rid of all my roosters. I thought it had to be Shan Shan, my silkie b/c it was not sexed when I got it. Less then a week later I let my girls outside in the morning and right in front of me Beauty, cock a doodled. I was taken back then it started to make sense because I knew she was the head of the girls but I thought she was the head gal, not a rooster. I bought her as a pullet, grr. I can tell she is a he now. I still call him Beauty. Hmmm... I am going to wait a little bit before I get rid of him.

On July 6th, my boy's b-day, I followed through with my itch to get some more chickens. I went to Fayetteville and bought 5 more. Two Black Australorps, one White Rock, one Silver laced Wyandotte, and a what we think to be a White Crested Black Polish. I spent extra for that one. They are 5 weeks old.

Now here is the run down of my birds:

1. Beauty
2. Marissa
3. Girly

Barred Rocks
4. Chloe
5. Gwendolyn

6. Shan Shan

Black Stars
7. Pretty (I think she is just a Barred Rock but I bought her as a Black Star)
8. ? No name yet. She is very pretty with a black body with a shimmery green around her back and brown around her neck.

Production Reds
9. Lucy
10. Little Red

Black Australorps
11. ?
12. ?

White Rock
13. Sky

Silver Laced Wyandotte
14. Dot

I think a White Crested Black Polish
15. Fancy

I have let friends and family name a bunch of my chickens so they can feel apart of this fun venture. I am going to let my readers name the other gal (if anyone is reading this :) . Let me tell you that I want easy to spell and easy to say names. So give me your ideas for the ones with question marks.

Today I noticed Shan Shan had metallic blue ears. I had to read to see if this in normal and it is, so very cool. Also I caught her and got a comb and combed her down. She loved it. I told Jay that she is the closest thing to getting a cat I will ever do (not a big cat fan).

My two big Barred Rocks are probably my favorite because they are the most friendly I pick them up all the time and they seem to like it. I can't tell them apart so I might be picking the same one up all the time and not realizing it.

My next blog will be a picture blog of the coop and my gals + boy :(.

Don't forget to send me your name chooses!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A few things...

A few things I've learned about chickens by reading:

1. They aren't noisy! Unless you have a rooster!

2. They aren't stinky! Unless you don't clean their coop!

3. They are sweet! Unless you mistreat them!

A few things I've learned about chicks by observing:

1. They aren't noisy! Unless I drop 10 worms in there brooder box, then they go crazy!

2. They are a little stinky, cause they are in my house and in a confined area. I do clean their box a lot and that helps a ton.

3. They are so sweet! I just had one chick that I know is a rooster now, fall asleep in my lap. I didn't want to move.

A few things I look forward to:

1. Getting fresh eggs
They are better for my family
Not having to go to the grocery store for them
Forcing me to find new recipes to try
Hoping that I can help others in need with them

2. Entertainment
I have heard that watching chickens can be better than TV.

3. Fulfillment
Knowing that I am caring for and helping these little gal.
Teaching my kids about responsibilities, working hard, and animals
Giving me something to look forward to each day

4. Seeing my gals grow up
Hoping that my dog, Peanut doesn't chomp on them. So far so good!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wild and Crazy Chick!

I have found a new venture/hobby/passion! "What is it?" you ask! Chickens!
Yes, living in Arkansas it doesn't sound that crazy to have them and the more I read about them the more it sounds like a good idea.

I don't know maybe a year or more ago I got on a kick, thinking I would love to live on a farm. I kept on telling Jay what a good idea it would be. He wasn't buying it. But then I got on a chicken kick not that long ago. I had heard of some people having some in there backyard and thinking that it was cool. About a month ago everything went into hyper-drive. My thinking about chickens turned into researching about them. I told Jay I was getting some and on our Anniversary dinner at a very fancy restaurant we talked about chickens most of the night. After the dinner we went and bought a book on them that a friend had suggested to me. I devoured the book and spent tons of time on the computer.

I wanted chickens to lay eggs, to have as pets, and to teach the kids responsibilities. I decided to start with chicks so they would be more friendly to us. Jay and I built a brooder box to keep them in while they are still little. On May 12th 2011, I got my first 3 pullets (female chickens under the age of one) they were 1 or 2 days old. I got Americanas. Olivia names one Marissa, Ike named one Girly, and I named one Beauty. We got them from the local feed store. Then four days later I went to Siloam and bought 6 straight run (nonsexed) Barred Rock that were 3 weeks old. I was hoping to get three hens out of them but it is looking more like two. I will have to give the cockerels away. City Ordinance, plus I don't want them. I also got one Silkie, she is a Bantam, which is a small beautiful fluffy chicken. I named her Shan Shan, after my good friend, Shanon that went with me on that trip. I haven't named the Barred Rock's because I know some are going and once they leave I will give the ladies their name's.

Well, today I just had to do it, I knew that the feed store had some Black Sex Link hens (a mixed breed that are really good layers) and I wanted some. I know some of my Barred Rocks were going to hit the road soon and I just hated the idea of not having very many chickens. So I got 2 blacks. So cute but I didn't check their vents and one had "pasty butt". Not fun pulling off a hard large poop off of a 4 day old. Hoping it will be fine..

I looked at tons of different coop styles and picked my favorite and Jay drew up the plans, he is such a smarty. Oh, he said he would build the coop but wants nothing to do with the chickens, that is all my job. I happily agreed. The coop is about 6 by 6 feet and about 6 foot tall. It is going to look like a shed but a little dolled up. The studs are up and roof is on but not the shingles. The run is going to be about 6 by 15 feet. There has been so much rain that I don't know when we will be able to finish it. I hope soon. My oldest chicks will be old enough to go outside in a week. I am ready to have some outside. 12 chickens in my house is a little crazy, once I think about it! Oh, I can't wait to post pictures of the finished coop and my happy girls.

Found a shirt at a thrift store a few days ago that I just had to get that said, "Wild and Crazy Chick" I think that sums it up pretty good!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


*First off I got my husband's permission to post this blog*

My husband, he is a hairy man! I knew this the first time I laid eyes on him! He had big side burns in the shape of pork chops on each cute little cheek. Well today, after almost 9 years of marriage he brought the hairiness to a whole-nutha-level!

Jay, told me two days ago how he had a blister on his foot and it was bugging him. I didn't think much of it b/c blisters happen! Last night he was still complaining about it and I said maybe it was a piece of glass. He tired to show it to me at 11:30 p.m. but I was way to tired to look at his foot and see anything! So today I walked into the office with my man looking at the bottom of his foot! He was looking at the really tough area right below your big toe. Then I see him pulling out something. "Oh, a piece of glass", I think. NO, it was a hair, a half inch HAIR!!! Jay, does look a little like Michael J Fox...Teen Wolf....Na...............Maybe?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, Breakfast Burrito!

Wow, I am getting behind again in my own little blogging world! I have a few things in my life that are blog worthy to me, like my wonderful trip to Kansas City to the International House of Prayer, or my first 3 tiered cake I made for a church wedding shower, but instead I am going to blog about Breakfast Burritos! Ha, it makes me laugh just writing it!

Oh the Breakfast Burrito, yum! My man fell in love with them less than a year ago. Every fast food joint started making them and my man started buying them for a quick power boost as he went to work. Well, he raved and raved about Sonic's so I tried it, I liked it but I think Mc's is better. I went to go get my hair done yesterday and decided to pick up a yummy B.B. at Braums so I got one and went on my way. I started eating it and it tasted so meaty and opened it up and they forgot the egg and cheese! I went back and was super nice to them (I am afraid of spit, yikes) and they fixed it. So that brings me to today's blog. I have made a B.B. before at home many-a-times and they are good but I made one today and it was extra tasty! So this is what I did.

In a large frying pan I melted a tbsp of butter on one side of the pan. I put sliced onions on one quarter of the pan with butter and a handful of frozen hash browns on the other quarter where the butter was. I then put a frozen sausage pattie in the dry side. I flipped the hash browns when they got golden brown on one side and then added a little bit of butter to the last quarter of the pan and put two eggs in and scrabbled them up. I then broke up the sausage. I got out a large tortilla and sprinkled cheese on it and poured all the cooked food on top. I added some salsa (if you like it spicy add some jalapenos) and rolled it up and stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This isn't a dainty breakfast, it will keep you going way past noon. Boy is it yummy and fast! I think it is so good because it has the crunch of the hash browns, the spicy of the salsa, the protein of the sausage and egg, oh and a veggie of onions :). Next time I think I will add some spinach and give it a little bit of a healthier kick. No more fast food places for me in this area!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Big Bang!

I made Chicken Enchiladas on Wednesday alone with some Spanish rice and some Avocado salsa. It all looked so yummy but there was one problem, I felt pretty sick! So my family ate quickly and then they went off to church. I decided to stay home and rest. I had a very small plate of the food and didn't really get to enjoy it because I felt pretty sickly. I made sure to pop the C's, Zinc's, and even gargled some Colloidal Silver that day. To my surprise I felt a little better on Thursday.

Thursday evening we were going over to Jay's parents home and Jay was going to work on his vehicle with his dad. His dad has just recently built a huge shop on his property to be able to tinker in during his retired life. I called that day to see if I needed to bring anything and told Jay's mom that I had made some enchiladas and I could bring them over. She said she had some leftovers too and I could do whatever I wanted. Those enchiladas were sounding mighty tasty so I knew I wanted to bring them.

In their 1500 sq foot shop Jay's dad has placed a large wood burning stove to heat the place. When we got there the parents suggested that we all hang out in there while the men work and the kids and the ladies could sit around the fire and eat. They said a few days earlier they had heated some food up right on the wood stove and ate out in the shop. I had my food in a 9X13 glass Pyrex dish. They told Jay to put it on the stove. I hesitated for a second but said nothing. Jay's dad started lifting Jay's car up with his special whatcha-ma-call-it and it made a load bang every foot or so (he said it was the safety lock). Once the car was at the correct height I was thankful because the noise made the kids crazy and me too. Then all of a sudden, BANG! But wait, that noise came from a different direction. Oh and wait I really can smell those enchiladas now! OH NO, my enchiladas had exploded! The glass shattered everywhere. I yelled, "DANG IT" Not because there was glass EVERYWHERE, no because I really really wanted those enchiladas and they were laced with glass! The men quickly cleaned it up. The glass was so hot it melted the dust can they were using. Jason's mom was hesitant to then put her food on the stove after that, but Jay's dad said it would be fine. It ended up being just fine. Her food was good, but you know when you just get your mind set on something, well that is what I had done.

I asked Jay tonight, "when was the last time I had made those Enchiladas"? We both agree it had been like 3 years ago. I don't think I will wait that long this time!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dinner anyone?

What can you do with 3 1/2 hours, a rotisserie chicken, and a 5 pound log of ground beef all on a Saturday night? Oh, I'll tell you what I did! I made a bunch of dinners for the next long time. It felt good. I used to do stuff like this before children but haven't found the time since. I think I am finding time again. Lets see, what did I make? Ok, two days ago I used a pound of the ground beef and made chili. So I guess I used 4 pounds tonight.

First thing I made tonight was a meatloaf and popped it in my fridge, it just needs to be baked. Next, it was a Spaghetti Pie. I haven't made one of those in forever. Again, all it needs is a good baking and it will be ready to go. Thirdly, I cooked some taco meat for a taco salad later in the week. The last of the ground beef, I made 4 hamburgers that I cooked. They will be eaten up tomorrow. That will be an easy meal after church tomorrow.

I bought my rotisserie chicken at Sam's Club (they are the best). I have looked and Sam's cooked chickens are sooooo much bigger than Wal-marts plus they are so close to the same price of the uncooked chicken that I can't really see why not to buy them that way! Well, I pulled all the white meat off and chopped it up into small cubes (4 cups worth). I saved the dark meat (thighs, legs, wings) for another meal we will eat. I split the 4 cups and made chicken enchilladas and with the rest I made chicken salad.

Now I have a fridge that is very very full and it feels so good. Anyone want to come to dinner? You bring the drinks!