Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Battle

About two weeks ago I decided to eat better. I went to a Nutritional Counselor and she gave me some ideas and put me on a month long body cleanse. I have lost almost 5 pounds and I feel like I am on the right road.

About a month ago I had signed up to take a cake decorating class that started last Monday. One of the strategies that this class emphasized is practice practice practice! That means I need to make a lot of cakes and icing to practice.

Does paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 belong to the same person? Is it possible to have a normal life with these two paragraphs together? Will those 5 pounds lost turn into 50 pounds gained? I have a cake in my house right now, what will happen to it? Stay tuned to hear the gripping details of the battle between good and evil.


Shan said...

Bahahaha. I know what would happen at my house! Maybe you should OD on icing and then you'll get so sick of it you won't want to eat cake anymore. I don't know, it's worth a try.

Jonna said...

lol. You're just asking for trouble! :D I do like Shannon's idea...but it wouldn't work for me. Unfortunately icing is one of the few foods I don't think is possible for me to OD on!

cookie said...

i'd try icing broccoli. :D or maybe a terracotta pot. heehee