Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have been working on my M4K (my moms group) back to school kick off party for the past two days. We still meet some in the summer but things get in full swing once school has started. This is the flyer I did and today I posted it up around town. My kids hated getting in and out of the car about 50 times for me to hang flyers!

Now I am working on the goodie bags that each mom will get. So far each bag has a :
-box of crayons
-small bag of animal crackers
-an 8 pack of Dayspring note cards

I need a couple more items but they need to be very inexpensive cause I am working on a small budget, any ideas? I thought about hand lotion or something like that but I need to get it for around .50 each. Know of anywhere, friends?

Things I still need to do:
-Contact local pizza places and see what deals they can give me
-Get a craft idea and activities together for the event
-Make a M4K September Calendar of Events
-Brainstorm on field trip and guest speaker possibilities for upcoming months
-I am waiting on a call to see if a local business will cut me a deal on a moon bounce, hope so!

I am excited for this new year of M4K. I'll give updates!


Trish said...

How about a little votive candle...a little aromatherapy... I think those can be pretty cheap.

AfricaBleu said...

You, Jenna-girl, are my hero. I stand amazed at your go-get-itness and organizational skills. Your flyer looks awesome, and I know from experience that your goodie bags will be great.

(Bowing a la WAYNE'S WORLD) "We're not worthy, we're not worthy."

Bekah said...

Band aides? You can buy a box and place a few into each bag.

Shan said...

Dittos of what African blue said. I was just going to say. Hucomb your so awesome all the time? Or something smarty like that. I'm going to call you in the morrows if I can to see how O's school day went. I know she just loved it! Dandy did great-YES!!

Jenna Jean said...

Trish and Beckah, thanks for the ideas I think am going to use both of them!

Shan and Bleu, you two know how to make a gal blush! Thanks for the sweet comments.