Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh baby!

Today my girl asked me if I bought her and Ike when I became a mommy! Oh, I see a sex talk in my near future, kiddie version of course!


Shan said...

Teeheehee. If you want, Auntie Shannon can come and give a talk complete with diagrams and visual aids. It is sure to scare them both right back into the womb, but I'm available. :D

Jonna said...

That's hilarious!

BTW-where is the love on your blogroll??? ;)

Sara said...

Loved your flyer!! Good job! So, where DID you get the kids? Did you win them on some radio contest??
I bet you called up a got a 'deal' that the rest of us would never have gotten.
Good luck with the --- talk. Oh my, can't even bring myself to write the word.

Bekah said...

Ha-ha-ha. You think the big talk is hard, wait until your girl starts her monthly "time" and all the "fun" that comes with that adventure.