Wednesday, November 12, 2008

29th Birthday

I said I wanted to tell you about my Birthday weekend so here goes! Saturday the 8th, I planned a girls night out for my b-day. I sent an e-vite that said "A hip new Game Show is looking for adventurous contestants in the Northwest Arkansas area. Have you got what it takes to conquer the competition? This is your chance to make it big! Wow us with your game show prowess, and join the host for dinner afterward to celebrate your success." That is all the girls knew about the night except to meet at Jason's work at 6:00p.m.!

On Friday my sweet dear cousin drove from Tennessee to spend the weekend with me. He got here around 11:00 p.m. He knew what I had planned and he wanted to help out! Well, on Saturday morning Jason and I got up at 5:45 to go run a 5K race at the Pea Ridge Battle Field. IT WAS COLD and the run was hard but we did it! Bryan stayed home with the kids and when we got home we got ourselves and the kids ready and went to a Jason's company party at Fastlanes. We ate and played games and had a lot of fun with the kids. We got home around 1ish and put the kids to bed for a nap. From that point on we were working on the final details to my girls night out b-day party. Well 6:00p.m came and this is how it played out:Jason greeted the ladies at the door and they had to sign in. They sat in the lobby and we did some small talk. Once everyone arrived my cousin took them into the "green room" (cafeteria) and put them into two teams. He explained that he was the Production Manager and that we were going to play "Friendly Fued" each team had to come up with a name and make a sign. He explained the rules of the game and then it was show time.Prior to this night I had made up a bunch of questions and surveyed about 50 people and tallied the answers. I asked Jason if we could use his theater room at his work b/c it felt like a studio. I borrowed a camcorder so that we could film it. Jason put all the data on the computer so we could project the answers onto a big screen in the theater. He also got the theme song to play and some sound effects from the show. I had also went around to buisness to see if they would donate items for my goodie bags that I had for each lady. The goodies bags turned out pretty good.

The night turned out great! The game was fun and afterwards I opened gifts then we went out to eat. It wasn't the normal b-day party and I loved it. I am going to make a copy of the video and send it to each lady as a little momento!


Shan said...

Whoa Nellie that was quite a celebration!!! You did it up JENNA THE MAGNIFICO!!! I think we all had a mighty fine time. But now you stole our whole plan for your 30th. Now, all I can figure about next year is we'd better start saving for that cruise!! :D

Great pics!

Tally said...

Ha, Jenna! That was a hilarious night! Sorry about my least I forewarned you. ;P

I'm glad you had such a fun time! Next year will be off the hizz-ook!!

Bekah said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Be-lated Birthday!
BTW: I think the time stamp on your camera is just a little bit off! :-)

Jenna Jean said...

Shan & Tally 30 better be BIG :)

Ha Beckah, I didn't even notice, my girlfriend gave me those pictures. I'll have to tell her!

AfricaBleu said...

It was fun, fun, fun. You are the queen, and we (like Jason and your cousin) are your loyal subjects.

Terina said...

YOU DID NOT TELL ME about this when you were here! What a nasty hostess I am? Now I have to wait to hear all the details until we see you again!

You have blown parties all away for me.

Sara said...

Heeeey, I thought I left a message on this blog. Maybe it got erased somewhere along the way in between here and there. FUN PARTY! It looks like a blast! Where did you eat??? How I woud LOVE a black bean chicken thingy that YOU introduced me too!!! Why aren't you 30 yet??? Seems like your taking FOREVER. Hurry up, I"m getting too far ahead of you;)