Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dinner anyone?

What can you do with 3 1/2 hours, a rotisserie chicken, and a 5 pound log of ground beef all on a Saturday night? Oh, I'll tell you what I did! I made a bunch of dinners for the next long time. It felt good. I used to do stuff like this before children but haven't found the time since. I think I am finding time again. Lets see, what did I make? Ok, two days ago I used a pound of the ground beef and made chili. So I guess I used 4 pounds tonight.

First thing I made tonight was a meatloaf and popped it in my fridge, it just needs to be baked. Next, it was a Spaghetti Pie. I haven't made one of those in forever. Again, all it needs is a good baking and it will be ready to go. Thirdly, I cooked some taco meat for a taco salad later in the week. The last of the ground beef, I made 4 hamburgers that I cooked. They will be eaten up tomorrow. That will be an easy meal after church tomorrow.

I bought my rotisserie chicken at Sam's Club (they are the best). I have looked and Sam's cooked chickens are sooooo much bigger than Wal-marts plus they are so close to the same price of the uncooked chicken that I can't really see why not to buy them that way! Well, I pulled all the white meat off and chopped it up into small cubes (4 cups worth). I saved the dark meat (thighs, legs, wings) for another meal we will eat. I split the 4 cups and made chicken enchilladas and with the rest I made chicken salad.

Now I have a fridge that is very very full and it feels so good. Anyone want to come to dinner? You bring the drinks!


cookie said...

you are truly amazing!!! i love that about you!!!!! and i totally agree that sams chickens are better than walmart. good job, jenna! you have inspired me to actually write down a menu for the week. :) could you stop being such an overachiever though? i want to catch up! heehee

Bekah said...

How about taco night? You like Mojitos?! :-)

Jenna Jean said...

Little Cookie, lets be real here, you are the amazing one!!!

Bekah, I love Mojitos, see you taco night!

AfricaBleu said...

You are da BOMB in the domestic world, Jenna-girl.


Shan said...

Let's just say I don't want to come up against any of yous guys in a house off! I have no clue why I'm talkin' like a NY teamsta but allegedly I do dat when I'm intimidated.

I do wanna recommend JJ's chicken salad though. You make a killer housebroad Mrs. S and don't let any wiseguy tell you different. Capeesh?

Sara said...

i remember when you did that back in your old, small house. it was amazing then, and still is. i cook based on what is in my fridge that night. gets me about 1/2 a meal and then i have to make up for the rest with some filler like bread or rice.