Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Big Bang!

I made Chicken Enchiladas on Wednesday alone with some Spanish rice and some Avocado salsa. It all looked so yummy but there was one problem, I felt pretty sick! So my family ate quickly and then they went off to church. I decided to stay home and rest. I had a very small plate of the food and didn't really get to enjoy it because I felt pretty sickly. I made sure to pop the C's, Zinc's, and even gargled some Colloidal Silver that day. To my surprise I felt a little better on Thursday.

Thursday evening we were going over to Jay's parents home and Jay was going to work on his vehicle with his dad. His dad has just recently built a huge shop on his property to be able to tinker in during his retired life. I called that day to see if I needed to bring anything and told Jay's mom that I had made some enchiladas and I could bring them over. She said she had some leftovers too and I could do whatever I wanted. Those enchiladas were sounding mighty tasty so I knew I wanted to bring them.

In their 1500 sq foot shop Jay's dad has placed a large wood burning stove to heat the place. When we got there the parents suggested that we all hang out in there while the men work and the kids and the ladies could sit around the fire and eat. They said a few days earlier they had heated some food up right on the wood stove and ate out in the shop. I had my food in a 9X13 glass Pyrex dish. They told Jay to put it on the stove. I hesitated for a second but said nothing. Jay's dad started lifting Jay's car up with his special whatcha-ma-call-it and it made a load bang every foot or so (he said it was the safety lock). Once the car was at the correct height I was thankful because the noise made the kids crazy and me too. Then all of a sudden, BANG! But wait, that noise came from a different direction. Oh and wait I really can smell those enchiladas now! OH NO, my enchiladas had exploded! The glass shattered everywhere. I yelled, "DANG IT" Not because there was glass EVERYWHERE, no because I really really wanted those enchiladas and they were laced with glass! The men quickly cleaned it up. The glass was so hot it melted the dust can they were using. Jason's mom was hesitant to then put her food on the stove after that, but Jay's dad said it would be fine. It ended up being just fine. Her food was good, but you know when you just get your mind set on something, well that is what I had done.

I asked Jay tonight, "when was the last time I had made those Enchiladas"? We both agree it had been like 3 years ago. I don't think I will wait that long this time!


Shan said...

What?! Glass pans should not shatter!!!! I don't understand that one bit but I am really sorry about missing those enchiladas because I can get my mouth set on something as well and if it's gone---boo! :)

Well at least the kids weren't marred in the process. That's always a nice thing to be able to say. bah

AfricaBleu said...

Hee. Great story, Jenna-girl. Reminds me of the time I made some complicated dish when Casey and I were first married and living in a dump apartment. I was a nervous new cook, and the dish was some spaghetti-cheesy-whatsits that took forever to make, and I was just about to put it in the oven, opened the cabinet above for something, and a ROACH fell out and began to do the backstroke in my dish! I cried and cried, and Casey had to order pizza.