Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicken Daze

Well, a lot has happen in my crazy chick world in the last month and a half. My 4 Barred Rock Roosters that I loved found a good home with my neighbor's mom. It was a sad day but I knew it was best. That left me with 10 chickens. By the end of May beginning of June all my chicks moved outside into their new coop. It seemed like they started to grow so fast after that because of all the yummy bugs and plants they were able to eat. It amazed me and still does how they can free range all day and then by 8:30 p.m. they all go back into the coop.

About two weeks ago Jay was sitting outside in the morning before work. He heard from inside the coop a cock a doodle do. I was so sad b/c I thought I had gotten rid of all my roosters. I thought it had to be Shan Shan, my silkie b/c it was not sexed when I got it. Less then a week later I let my girls outside in the morning and right in front of me Beauty, cock a doodled. I was taken back then it started to make sense because I knew she was the head of the girls but I thought she was the head gal, not a rooster. I bought her as a pullet, grr. I can tell she is a he now. I still call him Beauty. Hmmm... I am going to wait a little bit before I get rid of him.

On July 6th, my boy's b-day, I followed through with my itch to get some more chickens. I went to Fayetteville and bought 5 more. Two Black Australorps, one White Rock, one Silver laced Wyandotte, and a what we think to be a White Crested Black Polish. I spent extra for that one. They are 5 weeks old.

Now here is the run down of my birds:

1. Beauty
2. Marissa
3. Girly

Barred Rocks
4. Chloe
5. Gwendolyn

6. Shan Shan

Black Stars
7. Pretty (I think she is just a Barred Rock but I bought her as a Black Star)
8. ? No name yet. She is very pretty with a black body with a shimmery green around her back and brown around her neck.

Production Reds
9. Lucy
10. Little Red

Black Australorps
11. ?
12. ?

White Rock
13. Sky

Silver Laced Wyandotte
14. Dot

I think a White Crested Black Polish
15. Fancy

I have let friends and family name a bunch of my chickens so they can feel apart of this fun venture. I am going to let my readers name the other gal (if anyone is reading this :) . Let me tell you that I want easy to spell and easy to say names. So give me your ideas for the ones with question marks.

Today I noticed Shan Shan had metallic blue ears. I had to read to see if this in normal and it is, so very cool. Also I caught her and got a comb and combed her down. She loved it. I told Jay that she is the closest thing to getting a cat I will ever do (not a big cat fan).

My two big Barred Rocks are probably my favorite because they are the most friendly I pick them up all the time and they seem to like it. I can't tell them apart so I might be picking the same one up all the time and not realizing it.

My next blog will be a picture blog of the coop and my gals + boy :(.

Don't forget to send me your name chooses!

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j.maybe said...

Ellie likes Emma for one of your girls. I still like Moxie. And also Mabel. :) And Joe had a bunch of one-syllable suggestions but they were all food-related (Ham? Steak?) but I nixed them. heehee :) I have a friend who named her chicken Speckles but I don't think any of yours are speckled?? If you had two, you could name them Speckles and Freckles :) oh, I could do this all day...heeheehee

I found this link that made me giggle. You may enjoy reading other peoples' names for their chickens: