Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A few things...

A few things I've learned about chickens by reading:

1. They aren't noisy! Unless you have a rooster!

2. They aren't stinky! Unless you don't clean their coop!

3. They are sweet! Unless you mistreat them!

A few things I've learned about chicks by observing:

1. They aren't noisy! Unless I drop 10 worms in there brooder box, then they go crazy!

2. They are a little stinky, cause they are in my house and in a confined area. I do clean their box a lot and that helps a ton.

3. They are so sweet! I just had one chick that I know is a rooster now, fall asleep in my lap. I didn't want to move.

A few things I look forward to:

1. Getting fresh eggs
They are better for my family
Not having to go to the grocery store for them
Forcing me to find new recipes to try
Hoping that I can help others in need with them

2. Entertainment
I have heard that watching chickens can be better than TV.

3. Fulfillment
Knowing that I am caring for and helping these little gal.
Teaching my kids about responsibilities, working hard, and animals
Giving me something to look forward to each day

4. Seeing my gals grow up
Hoping that my dog, Peanut doesn't chomp on them. So far so good!


Dia D said...

I love, love, love, reading about your chicks.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love reading about your new chicks. Auntie Terina