Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last night I thought I would take the kids on a walk in the morning. I was just going to go around my neighborhood. When we woke up I told the kids our plan and they didn't sound too excited. So I thought I would be "SUPER MOM" and take them to Lake Bella Vista. I though instead of me pushing them in a stroller O could bring her bike and the little guy could bring his push toy! "Good thinking mom", I thought to myself. I thought "We could feed the geese, I could walk, the kids could ride to the play ground and they could play!" " I truly am super mom!!!"

Before we left my kiddos had a granola bar for breakfast, I thought that we would eat something when we got home (first bad move). I put on my sandals (second bad move) and I filled my water jug full (third bad move). Then we were off! The drive to the lake was beautiful. We got there and the geese immediately knew we had bread, they engulfed us like a swarm of angry bees ready to attack! I was so surprised that the kids didn't get scared. I gave the kids the bread and they couldn't break it up fast enough and through it before some geese would come and grab it out of there little hands. A few times Ike got his hand pinched by the geese being so impatient. But the kids had fun anyway and before we knew it, we were out of bread! SUPER MOM thought "this is going well"

Now it was time to walk, I put the 10 pound water jug around my neck (it has a strap) and O got on her bike and Ike got on his push toy and we were off again! I knew it was close to a 2 mile walk to the playground but thought we are tough we can handle it. The part I didn't think about was we had to walk that HOLE WAY BACK because part of the loop was closed off! VERY BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART! So, like I said we were off and I mean O really did go off. At first I thought it was cute, she felt so free to ride fast, her hair flapping in the wind. She hasn't had an opportunity to ride like this before. There was a paved path that goes right around a lake! When she kept on going I started to become "Super Yelling Mom". She was going so far ahead I couldn't see her! "O" "O" "COME BACK HERE" I saw her little head flip around to look but no stopping. "O" "O" "TURN AROUND" Ok, now I was "SUPER EMBARRASSED MOM" because there are people walking by me and people up the path just looking. " O" "O, STOP" During this hole time I am speed walking and telling Ike to hurry. Finally she stops! Now I was "SUPER MAD MOM". I get to her with teeth clenched and with sweat dripping off of me everywhere. I asked her if she heard me and she said "yes"! I asked her why she didn't stop and she said she "I wanted to go fast". I gave her a 2 minute talk why you need to stay close by because it isn't safe for her to be out of my sight. Alright, I calmed down and felt like "SUPER MOM" again. We walked and went over a pretty little bridge, walked under a bunch of trees and we had a nice breeze. Then the tiredness kicked in for all of us. I had to reassure my kiddos that the playground was approaching quickly and gave them a drink of water out of the 20 pound water jug! Ike went a little further than he had had it. I had to pick him up and hold the push toy and carry the 40 pound water jug while cheer leading to Olivia that she can make it.

We made it! The play ground had a lot of kids there, my kiddos had a lot of fun. I spent the entire time hoping I would stop sweating. I was now "SUPER STINKY MOM" It was so hot. I had checked the weather the night before and it said it was going to be in the high 80's. What was I thinking!

I decided to start on back after about 30 minutes or so at the playground. Did I mention that I had a blister by this point. The kids were already whining! Ike wanted to be held. I held him for about a hundred feet and decide it was way too hard. I was ready to start whining at this point too. With many stops, whines, cries, pep talks, angry mommy voices saying "lets go" we finally made it to the car! "SUPER TIRED MOM" and her "TIRED KIDS" made it! I loaded up the kids, bike, push toy, and the 50 pound water jug and thanked GOD that we were done.

I have decide to retire my "SUPER MOM" title and will come up with a better title for myself later. If you have one for me I would love to hear it!


Sara said...

i've always like 'sweaty momma' myself. you have a blog...yippee.
i was so impressed that you wrote so much. i can see this is going to fit you jist fine.
i've been out of the blog/emailing circuit lately. hopefully i'll be back in the saddle again soon.
love you.

AfricaBleu said...

Ha! I liked the transformation from happy, happy, happy to weary, sweaty, and mad. Most of my excursions end up like that ~ it sounds like it will be more fun that it actually is.

I have already dubbed thee "Martha Stewart of PR." Trust me ~ it's a good thing.

Shan said...

HEY! Why did they find you first?! I tried a search and it only dawned on me today to follow your comment link. I need to coach myself on maneuvering around the blog world now.

This story is one of your classics! Right up there with the vitamin pill heroics. I love how you sometimes bite off more than you can chew. You are a GO GETTA JENNA! I guess that's what I always call you GO GETTA JENNA! Why am I yelling in my mind? Bahha.
Welcome to blogville. Glad you could make it! XOXO

Jenna Jean said...

So how do I combine
"Sweaty Momma"
"Martha Stewart of PR" and
"Go Getta Jenna"

Maybe "Go Getta Sweaty Momma Jenna Stewart" I don't think that works.

Shan said...

Heehee. I see some changes a goin on over here! :D
Go Jenna Go!

cookie said...

lol! i guess i'm normal after all. :)

you should definitely sign messages as GGJ, MSPR. Looks official and no one will know what the you did to earn it. :)

The Booys said...

Hey, very nice. I am so sorry, but nice to hear that I am not the only mom out there that is overly optimistic about adventure outings. He. he. I do like coke, but MD is my top pick. Oh and it is the 18th. My mom's bday is the 16th. Good job.