Saturday, June 14, 2008

Second Time

Last Thursday my little Ike got in the pool without his swimmies on and started to sink. He kicked his little legs but just headed to the bottom of our pool. Right as I heard the sound of water I turned to see him heading down and I ran to the side and jumped in. It only took me a few seconds to get him but I held him in my arms for much longer than that. Fear went all through me! He didn't cry at all and he finally said to me "Mom, I'm okay." My two year old, almost 3 said to me, "Mom, I'm okay". I was glad he was cause I wasn't! We had a long talk and I told him he MUST wear his swimmies near the pool even if he isn't getting in. It's not like he fell in the pool, he just got in not realizing he didn't have his swimmies on.

So that leads me to today! Today was the day of Jason's 30th B-day party. Jason went out with 5 of his cycling buddies and did a mountain bike ride in the morning. Afterwards they came back and brought there families to our house for a cookout/pool party. When everyone started arriving we ate, swam, and I told the story of Ike falling in, like 10 time. Around 4:00 p.m. people started leaving but there were 3 families including ours still in the pool area. I was talking to a wife of one of Jason's co-workers with my back to the pool. (You don't have to say it, I have been saying it to myself all night) All of a sudden someone yelled something like "A Baby" I turn and see Ike in the middle of the pool sinking again. I never knew I could move so fast. I fling my shoes off as I am running and jump in and swim to him and pull him up. I do a half doggy pattle while holding him up and make it to the side. We get out and again I just hold him! He coughed a little and just put his head on my shoulder. I never wanted to get up from the ground with him on my lap and in my arms. The people there gave me a few minutes to hold him and then they came over to see how he was. This time there was no "Mom, I'm okay". I could tell that he was scared and boy did it scare me too. Again, there was no falling in just him forgetting he didn't have his swimmies. Changes will be made, I can't let anything happen to my little boy, I love him too much!


Shan said...

OH This made me cry! You might even have to tether that boy to your leg in the summertime. I know you will be watching him every second now. That day was probably God's way of warning you that this summer you might need to up pool security around that boy. Love you J! See you upon return!! :)

Kelli said...

Oh Jenna, that's so scary! Eli fell in his water bucket on Saturday. He lost his balance, I was right there not even a foot away and grabbed him so fast! Only his face and arms were in the water but he had nothing to push up on and it was like a total example of how kids drown in buckets of water. All this ran through my head in the half a second before I snatched him out. I know how horrible and terrified I felt after that little episode. I can only scratch the surface of how you must have been feeling. I'm sorry it happened and am glad that you were there to save him both times! God it good!

AfricaBleu said...

Yikes, Jenna-girl. That is so scary--I'm sorry you had to go through that TWICE. Boy, the stories you will be able to tell little Ike's future wife someday. I just imagine his guardian angel falls into his fluffy cloud every night, exhausted from a day of scooping your little guy away from serious danger--that kid attracts trouble, doesn't he?

Whew. Quite a change from your dainty "potted plant" girl, eh? I'm so, so glad he's okay.

Sara said...

Yes, dear friend, that was a pretty awful story. Why does he forget??!!! I can imagine you just wanting to hold on to him for the rest of the night. Our little little. I'm so glad your light on your feet!