Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Man

My husband is turning 30 tomorrow! I decided I want to list 30 things that I love about my man! This is in no particular order!

1. He never talks bad about anyone.
2. He doesn't watch sports on TV that I don't like.
3. He puts down the toilet seat.
4. When I am in a bad mood he will dance for me and it quickly makes me laugh.
5. He loves our kiddos so much.
6. He thinks before doing something (it used to annoy me but now I see how wise it is).
7. He doesn't yell at me.
8. His dry sense of humor.
9. His love for God.
10. He is quick to forgive me when I am wrong.
11. He helps me with our kids.
12. He can fix things around the house.
13. He is patient with my craziness.
14. He is cute.
15. He is so even tempered.
16. He is very smart.
17. He likes the outdoors.
18. He is a snob about beer and coffee.
19. He likes food as much as I do.
20. He doesn't make me do something that I don't feel comfortable with.
21. He is good at his job.
22. He is dependable.
23. He has a good relationship with his family.
24. He will eat the leftovers that I won't touch anymore.
25. He likes my friends.
26. His cheeks (on his face)
27. His cheeks (not on his face)
28. His sense of direction, he can find anything.
29. His common sense.
30. He loves me!!!

I love my husband!!! Happy Birthday!!!!


AfricaBleu said...

Happy birthday, Jason. I like that you perform for us whenever Jenna asks you to (the beat box thing is my personal fave, to date).

Shan said...

Oh dear I'm late to the B-day greeting! He IS a fabulous fellow and I'm sure glad you found him. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG FELLOW!!! AND MANY MORE!!! :D

Sara said...

That was awesome! Your a sweety peety and so is your man! Cheeks...BA HAAAA!!!