Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, Breakfast Burrito!

Wow, I am getting behind again in my own little blogging world! I have a few things in my life that are blog worthy to me, like my wonderful trip to Kansas City to the International House of Prayer, or my first 3 tiered cake I made for a church wedding shower, but instead I am going to blog about Breakfast Burritos! Ha, it makes me laugh just writing it!

Oh the Breakfast Burrito, yum! My man fell in love with them less than a year ago. Every fast food joint started making them and my man started buying them for a quick power boost as he went to work. Well, he raved and raved about Sonic's so I tried it, I liked it but I think Mc's is better. I went to go get my hair done yesterday and decided to pick up a yummy B.B. at Braums so I got one and went on my way. I started eating it and it tasted so meaty and opened it up and they forgot the egg and cheese! I went back and was super nice to them (I am afraid of spit, yikes) and they fixed it. So that brings me to today's blog. I have made a B.B. before at home many-a-times and they are good but I made one today and it was extra tasty! So this is what I did.

In a large frying pan I melted a tbsp of butter on one side of the pan. I put sliced onions on one quarter of the pan with butter and a handful of frozen hash browns on the other quarter where the butter was. I then put a frozen sausage pattie in the dry side. I flipped the hash browns when they got golden brown on one side and then added a little bit of butter to the last quarter of the pan and put two eggs in and scrabbled them up. I then broke up the sausage. I got out a large tortilla and sprinkled cheese on it and poured all the cooked food on top. I added some salsa (if you like it spicy add some jalapenos) and rolled it up and stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This isn't a dainty breakfast, it will keep you going way past noon. Boy is it yummy and fast! I think it is so good because it has the crunch of the hash browns, the spicy of the salsa, the protein of the sausage and egg, oh and a veggie of onions :). Next time I think I will add some spinach and give it a little bit of a healthier kick. No more fast food places for me in this area!


Bekah said...

Yumm-o! I love Sonic's Super Sonic Breakfast burrito! I might have to try your little "recipe" and make sure to add the jalapeno. Cool! I want to see pics of your 3 tiered cake though too! Sounds very impressive!

Terina said...

YUM! I'm breakfasting it with corn torts tomorrow!