Sunday, February 22, 2009


*First off I got my husband's permission to post this blog*

My husband, he is a hairy man! I knew this the first time I laid eyes on him! He had big side burns in the shape of pork chops on each cute little cheek. Well today, after almost 9 years of marriage he brought the hairiness to a whole-nutha-level!

Jay, told me two days ago how he had a blister on his foot and it was bugging him. I didn't think much of it b/c blisters happen! Last night he was still complaining about it and I said maybe it was a piece of glass. He tired to show it to me at 11:30 p.m. but I was way to tired to look at his foot and see anything! So today I walked into the office with my man looking at the bottom of his foot! He was looking at the really tough area right below your big toe. Then I see him pulling out something. "Oh, a piece of glass", I think. NO, it was a hair, a half inch HAIR!!! Jay, does look a little like Michael J Fox...Teen Wolf....Na...............Maybe?


Shan said...

OH you had me at the edge of my seat when you said the part between the *'s!!! Giant goofy grin ensued from there on! What on earth? He's hairy from the inside out! How in this world does it come through thick skin?
And most importantly, can you somehow make money with your TeenWolfman? :D
Thanks Jason...again.

Bryan said...

Was the hair growing or had he just been impaled? One time after cutting my own hair I was stuck through with a piece. It went in one part of my finger and out another. Creeped me out a bit.

Terina said...

You got me at the "ask permission to post." Who does that? I live by the philosophy "forgiveness, not permission." It pervades my life!

Jenna Jean said...

Bryan, it was more of a growing type hair not like a hair splinter!

Terina, I think it is the lack of a father figure in my life so I seek approval from men even on hair issues :)

Sara said...

Jenna, time to write another blog!!

Sara said...

I'm just going to keep commenting until you post something else. I want to see if you'll actually notice:) I miss you!