Monday, May 23, 2011

Wild and Crazy Chick!

I have found a new venture/hobby/passion! "What is it?" you ask! Chickens!
Yes, living in Arkansas it doesn't sound that crazy to have them and the more I read about them the more it sounds like a good idea.

I don't know maybe a year or more ago I got on a kick, thinking I would love to live on a farm. I kept on telling Jay what a good idea it would be. He wasn't buying it. But then I got on a chicken kick not that long ago. I had heard of some people having some in there backyard and thinking that it was cool. About a month ago everything went into hyper-drive. My thinking about chickens turned into researching about them. I told Jay I was getting some and on our Anniversary dinner at a very fancy restaurant we talked about chickens most of the night. After the dinner we went and bought a book on them that a friend had suggested to me. I devoured the book and spent tons of time on the computer.

I wanted chickens to lay eggs, to have as pets, and to teach the kids responsibilities. I decided to start with chicks so they would be more friendly to us. Jay and I built a brooder box to keep them in while they are still little. On May 12th 2011, I got my first 3 pullets (female chickens under the age of one) they were 1 or 2 days old. I got Americanas. Olivia names one Marissa, Ike named one Girly, and I named one Beauty. We got them from the local feed store. Then four days later I went to Siloam and bought 6 straight run (nonsexed) Barred Rock that were 3 weeks old. I was hoping to get three hens out of them but it is looking more like two. I will have to give the cockerels away. City Ordinance, plus I don't want them. I also got one Silkie, she is a Bantam, which is a small beautiful fluffy chicken. I named her Shan Shan, after my good friend, Shanon that went with me on that trip. I haven't named the Barred Rock's because I know some are going and once they leave I will give the ladies their name's.

Well, today I just had to do it, I knew that the feed store had some Black Sex Link hens (a mixed breed that are really good layers) and I wanted some. I know some of my Barred Rocks were going to hit the road soon and I just hated the idea of not having very many chickens. So I got 2 blacks. So cute but I didn't check their vents and one had "pasty butt". Not fun pulling off a hard large poop off of a 4 day old. Hoping it will be fine..

I looked at tons of different coop styles and picked my favorite and Jay drew up the plans, he is such a smarty. Oh, he said he would build the coop but wants nothing to do with the chickens, that is all my job. I happily agreed. The coop is about 6 by 6 feet and about 6 foot tall. It is going to look like a shed but a little dolled up. The studs are up and roof is on but not the shingles. The run is going to be about 6 by 15 feet. There has been so much rain that I don't know when we will be able to finish it. I hope soon. My oldest chicks will be old enough to go outside in a week. I am ready to have some outside. 12 chickens in my house is a little crazy, once I think about it! Oh, I can't wait to post pictures of the finished coop and my happy girls.

Found a shirt at a thrift store a few days ago that I just had to get that said, "Wild and Crazy Chick" I think that sums it up pretty good!


Shan said...

I love your new found passion JJ! It's going to go well with your energetic self I just know it! I like your two new chickies-how sweet! And the Bard rocks are getting a little less vulturelike and looking like little hens now so that's nice too! What a guy that Jason is for making such an awesome cx house! It is so big and deluxe! Can't wait until you can get them moved in and I know you can't either. I'm a little too excited to have one named after me. I hope she stays around a long time. :D

Anonymous said...

How interesting. I can't wait to see the finished house. The run is what part? Is it fenced in too? I hope you add the fb pic of your ladies perched on your head! This passion is addictive! Auntie T.