Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little Wake Me Up!

Today I went outside around 8:30 a.m. to water some newly planted plants. It was a beautiful morning; cool, soft breeze, and the sun shining through the trees. I get done watering and drop the water hose to close my pool gate and then all of a sudden SQUIRT! The hose landed on the handle and totally sprayed me in the face. It was quit the shock and a good wake me up. I laughed and said to God "Very Funny". I love how even in the little things God can make his presence known. The little squirt in the face for me, was God saying "You are looking all around and seeing the beauty I have created now wake up and give me the Glory" Thank you God for blessing me with so much and thank you for your sense of humor!


Sara said...

Precious post. Gorgeous picture. Aaaah...fresh.
Hey, weren't you supposed to send me an email???

AfricaBleu said...

You are a joyful person, and I love you. I haven't written about my boat because it was a hard story--I'll tell you all about it Tuesday when we have our GIRLS NIGHT OUT, whoo-hoo.