Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Fun

Boy, the last few days have been so busy and fun that I want to share them with you all!

Thursday- I was listening to K.L.R.C (a christian radio station) and called in and won a $20 dollar gift card to a christian book store and a large pizza! Fun Fun

Friday- Okay this one is a big one for me b/c I have been wanting so badly to do this for the last two years. We went CANOING! Yeah, Yahoo, Yippy! Okay, to some of you it doesn't sound very fun and even a little red neckish. It is pretty red neck in these parts and we did see a lot of them but I still had a blast. Jason took a half day of work which is a miracle and we went to Noel, MO. It didn't start out so well, Jason forgot our water bottles and snacks in the car so he had to get driven back to car while O, Ike, and myself waited at the water edge. The kids had fun playing while we waited so that was good. Right as we started on the water a group of 4 canoes came close to us and were drunker then skunkers! The potty language that they were using was absolutely horrible. It made me want to row like the wind to get away from them but it didn't take long to get away and thankfully my kids were oblivious! After that it was smooth water. We saw turtles, ladies in tiny bikinis that should not be, fish, a lot of drunks that were friendly, but no snakes to my boys disappointment! I wanted to bring our camera but was afraid that it was going to get wet, so no pictures :( We ended up having a really nice time, the kids did fantastic and I can't wait to go again.

Saturday- Another big day! Let me give you a little background first. I started a group in my town a year and a half ago for "stay at home moms". We aren't a huge group but we have done a lot of neat things like: A food drive, touch a truck, parties, ladies night out, family night, walked in our town's parade, recipe swaps, field trips, and so one. Okay back to Saturday, we decided to have a float in the parade this year. So a few days before the parade, I had the moms make signs and then on Saturday morning I put together our float. I picked a beach theme and we had the kids dress up in their swimsuits and the moms had bright color tops on! I put a ton of sand (no really, it was 1 ton of sand) on a flatbed trailer and decorated accordingly. Well, the line up was at 5:00 p.m. the judging at 5:30 and the parade at 6:00 and boy was it hot. The kids did amazing and we won "best overall" and "best children's" for our float, I was so happy and very surprised. The kids did great playing and throwing candy! Here are a few pictures.

Sunday- Can't remember a lot of it, other than church and VBS meeting!

Monday- I had Step Aerobics at 8:30 a.m. than I ran to the grocery store at 9:30. Next, I meet up with some ladies from aerobics class and their kids at a little water park at 10:00 a.m. Rush rush rush home at 11:00 a.m. to have my moms group (it's called MOMS 4 KIDS, but I will use M4K when I talk about it) over for a pool party and cook out! I had about 6 mommas and 10 kiddos. I am tired just thinking about! It was a fun day and both my kids ended up taking a long nap so that was nice cause I vegged on the sofa the rest of the day, pretty much!

That leaves today, Tuesday- O and I had a girls day out! I dropped off Ike at Grandpa and ma's house and O and I went shopping for school clothes and supplies! Again, it was sooooooooooooo hot and we went to an outdoor mall for part of it and that was a bad mommy move, but we survived. Then O and I went out to eat and she just loves to eat so I think that was her favorite part. Our last stop was Wallie World (Wal-Mart) and we got her supplies. It was nice to spend a good part of my day with my precious girly. Then tonight I am going out with some of my favorite people to celebrate a good friend of mine's birthday! Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!

Well, that is it, my last few days. Hopefully you are still awake.


Bekah said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a blog! Guess I am a little slow on these things! I have bookmarked your page now and will be back to read and lurk later! :-)

Jonna said...

Wow girl-you have been busy! Let me know when things simmer down a bit and we'll get together!

Shan said...

Oh Thank you Dahling for the B-day wishes! I had so much fun with you girls! The only trouble was the speed it flew by with! Those laughs are always medicinal though. heehar
I think your floats look spectacular! And what a lot of work/social activities you do-and most of them rest entirely in your hands! You ARE one amazing young lady J-girl! DANG xoxo

AfricaBleu said...

We're not worthy, we're not worthy (bowing a'la WAYNE'S WORLD). Dang, you are the queen of all things domesticated. SUCH a go-getter. And of course your float won--it's awesome. As if M.S.O.Y.T's float WOULDN'T win.

I had a ball with you--I miss your sweet face 'round here.

Mom Keena said...

Wow~ you sound wonderfully busy! I love that you are enjoying this time of life so much!