Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pictures, Pool, and Pokey Hair

We have been enjoying our pool this year! It hasn't been incredible warm yet but the kids don't mind. My O has come leaps and bounds since the end of May, when we opened our pool. She can now jump off the side of the pool and the diving board. About a week ago she started swimming with only one floaty and just this past Sunday she found out that she can swim without any floaties. What a big girl!!! She told Jay and I on Sunday "I am so proud of myself, I was afraid and now I'm not" She now goes all around the pool in her frog/doggy pattle style swim. Its not the most beautiful swimming but she makes it look so cute. Ike is doing a lot better around our pool too. The last incident has made him more cautious near the pool.

Well, I wanted to show some pictures, so enjoy!

On the 4th of July

Ike is sporting the pokey hair!

Ike's B-day cake!

My big girl!!!

Jay crossed his eyes on purpose!

Wanted to show you the flowerbed that I have been working on. It will some day have a fire pit in the center.

I had to add this picture because of the wings coming out of Ike's head!

This is the first time I have added pictures so sorry they are all over the place! I hope you had fun looking at them anyway!

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Sara said...

You guys and your crazy pool pics. I've never seen a couple so comfortable in their bathing suits!! Love them! Your kids....sigh. SOOOO DANG CUTE!!! The wings..ha ha. And O swimmy, swimmy all by herself. That is so amazing. I loved chatting with you today, dearest.