Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What was that thing?

Yesterday I was outside working in one of my flowerbeds and the most unusual bug flew by me. I reached out my hand for the buglet to land on so I could examine it. It was the size and shape of a small mosquito but it was covered with a fluffy white fur like a Pomeranian dog. It was cute yet mosquito like so I decided I didn't want it on my arm any more and shook it off and it flew away. What was that thing, a Pomeranian Mosquito? I wish all bugs were more fluffy looking and less leggy and icky. Maybe we would have domesticated them if they were better looking like that one?


Shan said...

BahHa Jenna! I have NO idea what that was but I would really like to see one...especially if it looks at all like Tiki. Maybe it was a garden fairy!

Hey, here's my question for you. Why does that last post look like symbols to me (trucks, half circles, code stuff) when your other friends seemed to think it was about exercise? Hmmm...

We're doing fireworks tonight in Siloam at the airport at six. I think you guys should come!

Sara said...

Did it sting you or suck your blood? I think its a mosquitoes disguised like a 'ticki' so that you learn to trust it and it wins your affections and then one day POKE and your like this funnel of blood for its ravenous cravings.
Happy belated birthday to your little fella, by the way? Good day? Oh, and I got your mom's letter. She is so sweet. That letter was so encouraging and meaningful.
It blessed my day!